daly city council 2018             FPPC 1403724

Experienced, strong, steady leadership


(list in formation)

Congresswoman Jackie Speier

David Canepa, San Mateo County Supervisor, District 5

Don Horsley, San Mateo County Supervisor, District 3

Dave Pine, San Mateo County Supervisor, District 1

Warren Slocum, San Mateo County Supervisor, District 4

Carlos Bolanos, Sheriff of San Mateo County

Juan Raigoza, Controller of San Mateo County

Scott Wiener, Senator

Phil Ting, Assemblymember

Jane Kim, San Francisco Supervisor

Juslyn Manalo, Mayor of Daly City

Glenn Sylvester, Former Mayor of Daly City

Sal Torres, Former Mayor of Daly City

Adrienne Tissier, Former Mayor of Daly City, Former Supervisor of San Mateo County

Jim Tucker, Former Mayor of Daly City

Tony Zidich, Former Treasurer of Daly City

Manufou LIagia Anoai, President, Jefferson Elementary School Board 

Clayton Koo, Vice-President,  Jefferson Elementary School Board

Marie Brizuela, Jefferson Elementary School Board

Tom Nuris, Jefferson High School Board & Daly City Personnel Commission

Joy Gutierrez-Pilar, Bayshore Elementary School District

Cecil T. Owens, Bayshore Elementary School District

San Mateo County Democratic Party

San Mateo Labor Council

Daly City Police Officer's Association

Daly City Firefighter's Association

National Association of Hospital Workers (NUHW)

Carpenter's Union Local 217

IBEW Local 617

Teamsters Local Union 350, 856, and Joint Council 7

San Mateo County Building Trades Council

American Federation of Teachers AFT 3267 COPE


San Mateo County Association of Realtors (SAMCAR)

Bay Area Municipal Elections Committee (BAYMEC)

California Apartment Association (CAA)


Ray Satorre, Daly City Planning Commission

Pamela DiGiovanni, Chair, Daly City Planning Commission

Roderick Daus-Magbual, Vice-Chair Daly City Planning Commission

Teresa Proano, Daly City Planning Commission

Howard Edelman, Daly City Planning Commission

Rick Crump, Former Daly City Planning Commission

Patricia Devera, President of Library Board of Trustees, Daly City

Angela Logarta, Vice-President of Library Board of Trustees, Daly City

Marcel Balmeo, LIbrary Board of Trustees, Daly City

Lili Louie, Former Library Board of Trustees, Daly City

Perla Ibarrientos, Daly City Personnel Board

Marc SantaMaria, Daly City Personnel Board

Gary Pacheco, Daly City Personnel Board

Arlene Daus-Magbual, Arts & Culture Commission

Nancy Rodriguez, Arts & Culture Commission

Beth Espinda, Arts & Culture Commission

Jack Pastor, Chair, Daly City Recreation Commission

Luis Landos, Daly City Recreation Commission

Christina Luna, Daly City Recreation Commission

Nadia Flamenco, Daly City Recreation Commission

Rowena Meafua, Former Daly City Recreation Commission

Andrea Willcox, Former Daly City Recreation Commission

Marico Enriquez, San Mateo County Park's and Recreation Commission

Christine Fuller, Former Board of Trustees, SMC Mosquito & Vector Control District

Community Leaders

Marian Mann, Doelger Seniors*

Brian Galli, President of Daly City Dolphins*

Malu Rivera-Peoples, Executive Director of Westlake School of Performing Arts*

Pradeep Gupta, South San Francisco City Councilmember

Gina Papan, Mayor of Millbrae

Wayne Lee, Millbrae City Councilmember

Kirsten Keith, Menlo Park City Councilmember

John C. Baker, Board Member, South San Francisco Unified School District

Francis Espiritu, Philippine News

Edwina Aniag & Gary De Guzman, FilAm Star Newspaper

Thez Santos, Manila Mail Newspaper

Phyllis Rizzi, Bayshore Senior Friendship Club*

Del Schembari, San Bruno Mountain Watch*

*For identification purposes only