daly city council 2018             FPPC 1403724

Opening of Habitat for Humanity



University of California, Berkeley, Legal Studies Major, B.A.

Whittier College School of Law, J.D.

MAYOR, city of daly city

2013, 2015

Councilmember, city of daly city

Appointed in April 2011

Elected by the People in November 2011

Vice-Mayor, 2012, 2018


Certified Criminal Law Specialist

law professor (former)

As a Law Professor at Lincoln Law School of San Jose,  I taught Election Law and Evidence.  The course on Election Law was designed for students interested in politics.   The course examined the legal history on the right to vote, fair representation, district criteria, minority vote dilution, election administration, the establishment of political parties, and campaigns.  The course then analyzed the landmark decisions of the US Supreme Court in Bush v. Gore and Citizens United v. Federal Election Commission.  The course on Evidence focused on the Federal Rules of Evidence and CA Evidence Code. 

Peer court director (former)

As the Executive Director of the Youth Court Program, I was responsible for developing a Youth Court Justice Center in Santa Clara County.  The goal of the program was to address delinquent behaviors among young adults and provide an alternate model of juvenile justice administration.  Offenders participated in a community based system that administered justice in a more intensive and personal level.  Participants obtained individualized attention from various modalities, including counseling, education, employment training and community service work. 


Homeless Shelters

Safe Harbor Homeless Shelter, Maple Street Homeless Shelter, First Step for Families Homeless Shelter - Volunteer Attorney regularly advising the homeless on issues or criminal defense, immigration, and family law.


Knights of Columbus Foundation for Developmentally Disabled Children and Adults, Board Member
Pilipino Bayanihan Resource Center Board Member
Skyline College President’s Council Advisory Board Member

Driving the Bayshore Shuttle

Speaking on Domestic Violence

Experienced, strong, steady leadership

Cleaning up graffiti and painting community center