My name is Ray Buenaventura and I have been your public servant in Daly City as Councilmember since 2011, as Vice-Mayor (2012, 2018), and as Mayor (2013, 2015). 
As a 22 year resident, I am proud to call myself a member of the Daly City community. I feel privileged to be able to live in such a diverse and dynamic city. My wife and I bought our first and only home in Daly City, and our son was raised here. I started my private sector career as a lawyer right here in Daly City when I opened up my own law office on Junipero Serra Boulevard in 1997. I served on the Library Board of Trustees for over four years, and am proud of our work improving our library services, promoting the use of the library through the Smartest Card Campaign, and helping to establish a Foundation to provide additional financial support to the library. In addition, I am proud to have been part of the leadership of the Library Board that helped Daly City enact cost-cutting measures to help stabilize the budgetary problems faced by our City.

I was elected to serve the People of Daly City in 2011.  Since then, I've been active in serving the community.

As your Councilmember, I have:

Acted Fiscally Responsible

Voted for More Affordable Housing
Made Public Safety a Priority

Voted Against Closure of Fire Engine 95

Voted Against Outsourcing of 911 calls to County

Started First Gun Buy Back Program

Helped Bring 1.5 Million Dollars of State Funds 

 to restore Doelger Senior Center

Lobbied for Measure K money to renovate

 Lincoln Community Park Center

Developed Revenue Generating Opportunities
Fought against Airplane Noise Pollution
Advocated for Clean Energy

Banned Plastic Bags & Styrofoam
Called for start of Composting
Helped bring the Bayshore Shuttle
Obtained more funding for Libraries
Created Arts & Culture Commission
Fought for District Elections (Supervisors)
Supporter of Robertson School, Boys & Girls Club
100% Voting Record (no abstensions)
Introduced “The People’s Day”
Published Councilmember Newsletter
Fought against Cell Towers
Saved Westlake Coffee Shop
Saved Daly City Dolphins

Supported Daly City Spartans

Fought for Seton Hospital

Advocate to Preserve San Bruno Mountain

Our city is an amazing place to live, a wonderful place to work, and a perfect place to raise a family. However, I strongly believe that there is more that we can do.
As a member of the City Council, my goal is to help us make Daly City better, everyday. We must continue to fund and support public safety to ensure that the crime rate steadily decreases. We must enact policies that maintain our high quality of life and strengthen efforts to encourage economic development so that we can continue to support programs we cherish as a community. We must also make tough choices so that we can get the budget back on track.
There is also more we can do to further foster our city’s economy. In order to address the budget gap, we need to increase revenue, and we can do that by bringing businesses to Daly City. I will mount a campaign to generate more revenue for our city. I will be aggressive in finding ways to attract more businesses to our city. I will be responsive to our local businesses and do what I can to ensure their businesses continue to thrive.  I want Daly City to be known as not just a “gateway” to the Peninsula, but a “Jewel” of the Peninsula. I want Daly City to be a must see, must do place, for everyone. We have so much potential as a city. The time to act is now! Will you help me?
I want to hear your ideas. How can we bring more business to Daly City? How can City government better serve you? What is your priority for the future of Daly City? I want to use the campaign as an opportunity to speak with the residents of Daly City to discuss our city and how we can make it a better place to live, work, and raise a family.
I would be honored to continue serving Daly City as a City Councilmember. I strongly believe that my background of public service, strong leadership, and hard work will allow me to fight for you and our collective interests.

Working Hard For You

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My son Max playing the Piano at Doelger Senior Center

Westlake Coffee Shop

"Ray Buenaventura helped our business when we had nowhere to go, he helped save Westlake Coffee Shop."

MOON CHOI, Owner, Westlake Coffee Shop


Experienced, strong, steady leadership

"Councilmember Ray Buenaventura was there for us when we needed help in keeping the Daly City Dolphins Swim Team a part of Daly City.  He cares about our kids in our community."

Cesar Fonseca, parent of a Daly City Dolphin

and Former President of the Daly City Dolphins*

*For identification purposes only.

advocate for the people

fought against airplane noise in daly city